~Meal Prep Can Be A Useful Tool. But Is It For Everyone?~

As we navigate through our busy lives there’s one daily dilemma we all share is – we all have to eat. And if you’re like us, food is so much more than “fuel” to you. It’s meant to be savored and enjoyed. After all,  the dinner table has always been the heart of every home for generations. A place to gather, communicate and make memories. Food is love and we all desire to eat better and feel better.

Though sometimes the path of “eating better” can lead us down roads and mindset where we are pressured to think of food as nothing more than fuel. We disagree.

Enter food prep. We get lots of questions about food prep from our families. If you are an avid food prepper, or it is a lifestyle that brings you joy, we are glad to be a part of your journey! However, like us, most of our customers come from busy families for who a strict regimen might not be practical. So, for those with an army to feed, work long hours or have picky eaters (We’ll touch on that later this month!) this ones for you! 

If you too hate spending your Sundays batch cooking read on!


What is Meal Prep? 

Enter Tupperware galore and say goodbye to your Sunday nights. We love food and cooking and convenience but traditional meal prepping is a bit different. Usually, traditional meal prep is cooking an entire week’s worth of healthy meals in one night, portioning everything into one-serving containers, then juggling containers to make it all fit! That’s all and well if you are a single person but if not…then times that by however many family members you have!

That’s why meal prep is incredibly popular for those such as health gurus and body builders that you see on social media who require very specific nutrition.

And even if you loved meal prep in the past but struggle with it now, that’s okay. Sometimes things that used to work for us won’t necessarily get us the same results now. We believe in the concept that every person and family needs something different,  meal options that works for both their body and routine.

After all, the key to making a lasting change  is finding what’s going to work best for you. Right here and right now, at your level. For some, that just might be meal prep and that’s awesome! However, for those of us who have a bit too much joyful chaos in our lives, it’s not. So, it works for some, but not for all.  Now, what are the rest of us meant to do?

Nutrition and Accessibility- AKA Don’t Beat Yourself Up. 

We can only ever eat as “good” as the food we consume and that we have access too. So why not start there? Whether you’re an avid meal prepper or last minute dinner dasher, it’s all about access to the right ingredients and food. meals at your fingertips allow you the flexibility to eat however you want, whether you’re indulging in an old family comfort meal our trying to eat more “healthy.”

Farm-to-Freezer lets you have whatever you need for your food journey for only a short defrost time. No waste and 100% wholesome choices. And even if you indulge, you’ve still giving your family a meal that will nourish them and, hey – that’s a win all on its own.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the diet commercials and health influencers out there, flaunting their perfectly photogenic meal prepped dishes and slim figures. But, it’s important to remember that some of us can’t afford to spend the money or time or emotional labor to dedicate our whole lives to a vlog worthy meal journey! A quick spaghetti and meatballs dinner with good ingredients trumps fast food every time!

Above all, we believe in giving our families the tools to enjoy life how they see fit. No matter what their food goals are this year.

Meal Prep Can Be Boring – We Think So Too.

Chicken Breast. Steamed broccoli. Rice. Day in and Day out. We’ve been there. Maybe it’s because we literally have access to the tenderest 100% Black Angus sirloin and we kid you not, the BEST tasting pork that’s available on the East Coast, but eating the same chicken, broccoli, and rice meal after meal every single day  sounds so…bleak! (Seriously, if you’ve never tried our pork chops you have to get some on your next reorder!)

We all have favs but it’s egregious to say that anyone is 100% happy with the same thing day in and day out. Variety is the spice of life as they say, and we think so too!

 Let’s Be Real- Meal Prep Is a Weekend Time Killer.

The usual method of meal prep involves a cooking marathon of making your family’s meals for an entire week. Maybe this can sav