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What is Farm-to-Freezer?

Wholesome Convenience, Delivered

Farm-to-Freezer is a movement to bring back simple, wholesome meal times by bulk delivering nutritious farm-sourced food to families.


This lifestyle goes back to a more traditional method of food preservation, (that your grandma may have even used!)


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Think of a squirrel – stocking up acorns for the winter.


In a nutshell, that’s what we do, creating accessibility to our families all year round.
It’s convenient and most importantly provides peace of mind for a whole season of grocery shopping.

1. From Farm

We work with real American Farms! We constantly evaluate our processes to maintain our commitment to, chemical-free, nutritious food as well as animal welfare. 

2. Delivered To

We vacuum seal and flash freeze this food, sealing in its nutrients, creating a barrier that prevents spoilage. This stops the clock on aging and allows the produce to be stored for extended periods without compromising taste or texture.


3. Your Freezer

We bring these wholesome  ingredients directly to you! So you always have access to Fresher than Fresh Food for any season, all in the comfort of  home! With our 10-Minute Defrost time, you have food that’s ready when you are.

1,000’s of Families Have Made The Switch.

Save Time

✔️ 10 Minute Defrost
✔️ Pan-to -Package Ready Food.
✔️ A Whole Season of Food Taken Care Of
✔️ Food That’s Ready When You Are

Save Money

✔️ No Waste
✔️ Individually-Portioned
✔️ Cheaper than Grocery Shopping and Eating Out
✔️ Food & Freezer Protection. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Eat and Live Better

✔️ Sustainable, Kinder to the Earth
✔️ Farm-Sourced, Organic, Chemical-Free Food
✔️ More Family Dinners
✔️ More Time For What You Love 

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