Our Life+ & Freezer Program

Experience More than Just Convenience


Our Mission is Simple:

Relieve you from the burdens of shopping, meal planning, and food prep while delivering top-quality food at an affordable price.


Your satisfaction is our success, which is why we’ve designed our Life+ membership and freezer package to ensure you peace of mind.

Unlock Unbeatable Discounts:

With a focus on long-term benefits, our Life+ Program offers a lifetime 25% discount on every food order. Many of our customers find that after just six orders, the cumulative savings outweigh the one-time membership and freezer cost. From then on, it’s pure savings straight into your bank account.

More Than Just Savings

But the perks don’t stop there. Alongside substantial savings, our Life+ Program includes:

Comprehensive Freezer and Food Warranty: 

Rest assured knowing your investment is protected with our comprehensive warranty coverage.

Satisfaction Guarantee: 

If our food doesn’t meet your standards, we’ll exchange it at no extra cost.

Lucrative Referral Rewards: 

Refer friends and family and earn cash rewards up to $250 for each referral

Access to Exclusive Foodie Group: 

Join our community of food enthusiasts to share recipes, tips, and more.

Heartland’s Promise of Quality


✔️Freezer Warranty:

Rest easy with our comprehensive warranty, covering any malfunctions or defects in our freezers.

✔️Food Spoilage Protection:

Keep your stored food fresh and protected against spoilage for any reason when stored in our freezer.

✔️Satisfaction Guarantee:

Your satisfaction is our priority. If any of our beef, poultry, pork, or seafood fails to meet your expectations, we’ll exchange it at no extra cost.

✔️Shelf Life Assurance:

Experience peace of mind with a guaranteed shelf life of two years or more for our products.

Lifetime Discounts


✔️Enhanced Savings:

Life+ is the cornerstone of our commitment to your future savings. Enjoy a lifetime discount of 25% on all your food orders.

✔️Instant Rebate:

As a gesture of appreciation, receive an additional $400 instant rebate when you enroll in our Life+ Program.

✔️Cost Reduction Over Time:

Watch your monthly program costs decrease over time as the Life+ Program fee diminishes, while your lifetime food discount remains intact.

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Ready to embrace the Farm-to-Freezer Lifestyle and start saving while enjoying premium-quality food?

Enroll in Life+ & Freezer Program today and discover a world of convenience, savings, and culinary delights.