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Meals-in-Minutes Series:

The Easiest Shrimp Paella

Need a quick, comforting meal for the whole family? Flavorful, with delicious layers of spice and veggies. Our Easy Shrimp Paella features sustainably-sourced, fresher-than-fresh shrimp. 

Time: 30 Minutes


Serves: 2-4



Featured Ingredients:

1. Thaw

Take  a stroll to your freezer and pick from your Heartland stock out however many portions your family will be enjoying! Place in a plastic baggie if desired, and then immerse your portions in a bowl of warm water for 10-15 minutes. (Yep that’s it!)

2. Prepare

Heat oil in a large skillet over mid-high heat. Toast turmeric  stirring constantly. Add optional bell pepper and frozen mixed veggies pan; cook 2 minutes.

Spread rice in an even layer. Let cook, without disturbing and  reduce heat to medium. Stir in seasons, salt and pepper.

Then spread rice in an even layer again. Cook for an additional 7 minutes.