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Meals-in-Minutes Series:

Creamy Cajun Pasta With Heartland’s Italian Sausage

Picture this: Creamy homemade pasta-all with with farm-sourced wholesome, protein.  A versatile meal that can easily be added to! 

Time: 20 Minutes


Serves: 2-6



Add your favorite veggies for a little extra color and flavor!

Featured Ingredients:

1. Thaw

Take  a stroll to your freezer and pick from your Heartland stock out however many portions your family will be enjoying! Place in a plastic baggie if desired, and then immerse your portions in a bowl of warm water for 10-15 minutes. (Yep that’s it!)

2. Prepare

Prepare pasta and reserve 1 cup pasta water. Meanwhile, cook sausage and any desired veggies. Set aside.

Use same pan to melt your butter. Next, add flour and whisk to create roux. Slowly whisk in cream and water. Bring sauce to a simmer.