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Meals-in-Minutes Series:

100% Black Angus Ground Beef For Tacos, Pastas and More.

Whether you’re crafting hearty burgers, flavorful meatballs, or a savory pasta sauce, our certified Angus Ground Beef ensures a delicious and convenient cooking experience. 

Time: 15 Minutes


Serves: 2-4



Add desired spices for taco night or beans and tomato paste to create a quick hearty chili!

Featured Ingredients:

1. Thaw

Take  a stroll to your freezer and pick from your Heartland stock out however many portions your family will be enjoying! Place in a plastic baggie if desired, and then immerse your portions in a bowl of warm water for 10-15 minutes. (Yep that’s it!)

2. Prepare

Heat a pan with oil and season the meat. Add spices veggies, and your favorite fresh herbs!