Our Heartland Difference

There’s a reason we call ourselves Heartland Farms, at the end of it all we are grounded in families.

And with the kitchen being the heart of every home we understand how important it is to feel good about what you serve your families, even during the hustle and bustle of all our obligations. 

We all desire for better lives and to live them  to the fullest with those most precious to us.

Frozen Food Magic – Nature’s Natural Preserver

When comparing the versatility, sustainability and cost effectiveness of flash frozen Farm-to-Freezer food, “fresh food” has no leg to stand on!

 With vacuum sealed-portions, all air is removed from the packaging, creating a barrier that prevents spoilage and freezer burn. This technology not only extends the shelf life of our products but also allows you to store them for an extended period without compromising taste or texture.

1. No Waste, No Risk:

It’s estimated that up to 40% of the food brought into American households goes to the trash. (And it’s 38% overall!) With us, since there is no timeline to prepare your meals compared to typical “fresh” selections, Heartland ensures your food (and money!) is never wasted!

2. All-Natural, Sustainable:

Vacuum sealed, in eco-friendly packaging and frozen at peak freshness we stop the clock on your foods aging! There are no preservatives in our farm-sourced produce because none are required! We simply let the freezer do the work! Frozen food not only reduces waste and packaging but since it’s cheaper for transport and requires less water wastage. It’s a win-win! There are less delivery trucks on the road, and you spend less time in traffic yourself! (With less trips to the grocery store, you save on gas too!) 

3. Perfect Portions, Meals-in-Minutes:

Our perfect portions and iconic 10 Minute Quick Thaw, gives you the tools you need to create Meals-in-Minutes no matter who’s coming to dinner. Whether someone has to work late, or you have a picky eater requires special accommodations, with Farm-to-Freezer in your arsenal, the meal possibilities are endless!

Heartland Hits the Mealtime Sweetspot.

Always there when you need us.


On top of Heartland’s white-glove delivery service , our team is always here to make it right.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Save Time. Save Money. Live Better.

We Help You Save Time.

Take The Kids To Practice. Feed The Dog. Take Out The Trash. Fold the Laundry. Make Dinner.

Everyone dreads the “What’s for dinner?” question but especially through kids and #pickyeaters we understand there’s not always easy solutions. 

When a menu has been curated by you, for your family you’ll never have to run into this dilemma again! 

With a stocked Farm-to-Freezer pantry each portion is individually vacuumed sealed, to go pan-to plate in minutes! This also makes the defrost a breeze (No more relying on someone else to take it out the night before!) So you can easy prepare a dinner for everyone in a pinch. 

We Help You Save Money.

Time is Money. And We Spend A Lot Of Time AND Money At Grocery Stores. 

On average, an American family visits the grocery store 1.6 times per week and a family of just 4 can spend up to $1000+ a month on groceries. We are proud to say, for a majority of our families we manage to cut their monthly grocery bill by over 40%.

How can we do that?  

Frozen food enables us to offer our families cost-effective bulk purchasing of all-natural farm-sourced food!  We Plan. We Deliver. And You Enjoy it! 

Unlike other food companies that simply toss a defrosting box of mystery meat to your door, we offer you an all encompassing solution to mealtime woes, rising food costs, and the global dilemma of food waste.