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How It Works


Heartland Home Foods is different from the grocery store or those meal-in-a-box delivery services. We provide a farm to table, all-natural healthy eating lifestyle that you get to experience and enjoy every day.

Step 1:

It all starts when you fill out a free tasting request. Your information is sent to our specialists who contact you to get a little more information on what you like to eat and build a custom package for you.

Step 2:

Next, one of our highly-trained Wellness Consultants delivers your package and explains more about our farms, our food quality, and how our service works – including all the extra bonuses, discounts, and freebies you get!

Step 3:

If you like the food and it sounds like a good fit for your family, your Wellness Consultant works with you to build a fully-customized menu based on what you like to eat and your monthly food budget.

Step 4:

A few days later your food is delivered right to your home at no additional cost – we even unpack your order and organize everything into your freezer! Everything is 100% satisfaction guaranteed and if you ever have any issues with your food, we will replace it at no cost to you.

Step 5:

Best of all, once you’re part of the Heartland Family we know you’re going to tell your friends about how amazing the food tastes and how convenient the service is, so we have an awesome referral program that allows you to earn bonuses including a full six months of food absolutely free!