How it Works

1. We Plan

We have worked with thousands of families

and helped plan their mealtime options to save them from stress of thinking about “What’s for dinner?” and get them to cooking at home. 

2. We Deliver

We deliver, to save you time from “What and where to shop?”

and provide a better quality of life to spend that time with your family at your dinner table building memories to cherish together.

3. You Enjoy

Enjoy Package-to-Pan ready meals 

at your home convenience from our Farm-to Freezer plans that save you time, money, and health for your whole family. 

Our program eliminates the need for all those grueling treks to your grocery store, providing you with a customizable menu of flash-frozen produce, sealed with all the flavor and nutrition of when it was harvested. 


The Easiest Way To Eat At Home.

We Plan

Leave It To Us.

Over 80 years of service provides us with the tools to simplify mealtime for each of our families with food that’s sourced responsibly and sustainably. 

We are the only food service that develops a custom menu based on family size, portion size, and nights per week.


Since no two families eat the same, your service with us is tailored exactly to your nutritional needs!

We Deliver

We’re Here For You.

This is where our delivery experts come in clutch! We’re on your time.

We bulk deliver your custom menu directly to you, whenever is convenient.

Don’t lift a finger.

With our free white-glove delivery service our delivery team will do all the work for you!

You Enjoy

The Farm-to-Freezer Lifestyle.

Experience a new kind of mealtime. Savor convenience without sacrificing quality or flavor.

Never have to worry about “What’s for dinner?” or “where to shop” ever again. Heartland has you covered! 

Once you try it, you won’t know how you lived without it!

Our Mission is Simple:

Bring Back More Family Dinners.