There’s a reason we call ourselves Heartland Farms, at the end of it all we are grounded in families. And with the kitchen being the heart of every home we understand how important it is to feel good about what you serve your families, even during the hustle and bustle of all our obligations. We all desire for better lives and to live them  to the fullest with those most precious to us. In our technological age, with the decline of family dinners, our mission is to reverse this trend and bring more families around the dinner table once again. With the help of Farm-to-Freezer of course!


So, what Makes Us Different?

Frozen Food Magic – Nature’s Natural Preserver

When comparing the versatility, sustainability and freshness of flash frozen Farm-to-Freezer food, “fresh food” has no leg to stand on!

With vacuum sealed-portions, all air is removed from the packaging, creating a barrier that prevents spoilage and freezer burn. This technology not only extends the shelf life of our products but also allows you to store them for an extended period without compromising taste or texture.

What Else?

1. No Waste:

Did you know that the average American family wastes a staggering amount of fresh food each month due to food spoilage? It’s estimated that up to 40% of the food brought into American households goes to the trash. (And it’s 38% overall!) This amounts to a significant loss of your hard-earned money, with an average annual cost of $100s per household. Since there is no timeline to prepare your meals compared to typical “fresh” selections, Heartland ensures your food (and money!) is never wasted!

2. All- Natural Goodness:

Did you know even in the fridge, nutrients in your “fresh” food rapidly deteriorate? (Especially in those wilty veggies hanging out on your grocer’s shelf!) Vacuum sealed, in eco-friendly packaging and frozen at peak freshness we stop the clock on your foods aging! There are no preservatives in our farm-sourced produce because none are required! We simply let the freezer do the work!

3. Sustainable:

Frozen food not only reduces waste and packaging but since it’s cheaper for transport and requires less water wastage. It’s a win-win! There are less delivery trucks on the road, and you spend less time in traffic yourself! (Less trips to the grocery store you save on gas too!) Not to mention less food waste is better for the environment and our communities! 

4. Perfect Portions:

Our perfect portions and iconic 10 Minute Quick Thaw, gives you the tools you need to create Meals-in-Minutes no matter who’s coming to dinner. Whether someone has to work late, or a picky eater requires special accommodations, with Farm-to-Freezer in your arsenal, the meal possibilities are endless!

But there’s more! With the power of Farm-to-Freezer goodness we are proud to say we Save Families Time. Money And Help Them Eat Better.

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So, What Would You Do With More Time?

In today’s fast-paced world, time is our most precious commodity. Juggling the joyful work, school, extracurricular activities, and numerous other responsibilities often leaves little room for much else. Not to mention the emotional labor of these never ending tasks, (especially those of us who are busy parents) is only rising. So much is expected of us and often we find there is little time to actually enjoy the time we spend with our families.

Did you know? The average American spends over 60 hours a year at the grocery store and that doesn’t include traffic and the travel time to get to and from their home. And this number only grows with larger families. It’s shocking to reflect on how much we’ve just spent waiting this year? Waiting in line at the grocery store for that second cashier to open up, sitting in your car in traffic waiting on that long light on the way back home.

We ask, what would you do with more time this year?

  • 60 More Fitness Workouts?
  • Taking your Kids to 21 More Baseball Games?
  • Learning a Brand New Skill?
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Time is Money. And We Spend A Lot Of Time AND Money At Grocery Stores.

On average, an American family visits the grocery store 1.6 times per week and a family of just 4 can spend up to $1000+ a month on groceries. 

We are proud to say, for a majority of our families, we manage to cut their monthly grocery bill by over 40%.

How can we do that?

Well, the untapped resource of frozen food enables us to offer our families cost-effective bulk purchasing of all-natural farm-sourced food!  We Plan. We Deliver. And You Enjoy it! Unlike other e-commerce companies that simply toss a defrosting box of mystery meat to your door, we offer you an all encompassing solution to mealtime woes, rising food costs, and the global dilemma of food waste.  Plus, we are proud to be a transparent sourcing company! (Check out Our Farms  to see exactly where we source our food!)

By having a well-organized, full freezer of Farm-to Freezer goodies you eliminate unnecessary trips to the grocery store. This not only saves you money by avoiding impulse purchases, but removes the temptation of unhealthy foods altogether! And again, since our services greatly reduce your time on the road, we help save you gas money! 

In Short: You get quality food, for less!

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We Help Families Eat Better, Thus Live Better.

You are what you eat. And we only offer the best of the best for our families. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Only at Heartland can you build your own custom menu of premium Farm-to-Freezer ingredients for a fraction of what other services offer. Not only that, but you get to decide how you pay. We invite you to choose a monthly or weekly payment plan that suits your lifestyle!

And the best part of our program is that it is truly 0% risk-free. No strings. What you want is what you get. We are the only food service that develops a custom menu based on family size, portion size, nights per week and dietary restrictions! We even offer completely custom cuts based on meat thickness, bone-in or boneless and more. Since no two families eat the same, your service with us is tailored to your needs.