~Farm-to-Freezer Delights to The Rescue!~

Picture this Heartland fam: a relaxing, mid-morning Sunday brunch.

We all know brunch for being a delightful culinary affair that marries the best of breakfast and lunch, creating a satisfying and indulgent meal. However, creating a lavish brunch, like those we see on social media can often be time-consuming and challenging. So, if you’re aiming for elegance without sacrificing convenience, read on! Enter Heartland’s quick thaw Farm-to-Freezer ingredients – a game-changer in the kitchen that can help you whip up three quick and elegant brunches with minimal effort.

We are proud to provide our families with access to fresh and nutritious ingredients without sacrificing time or flavor. Farm-sourced produce are carefully selected, harvested at their peak, and frozen promptly to lock in their nutritional value and farm-fresh taste.

It’s time to treat yourself this year, Heartland fam! We invite you to enjoy the simple luxury of a home-cooked meal.


Brunch Delight #1– Salmon Croissant Sandwiches

A spin on a classic fav. Easy to prepare and assemble!


– 4 large croissants

– 1 pack of 2 Heartland All-Natural Atlantic Salmon

– cream cheese

– capers