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Cage Free Poultry

Murray’s Farms Heritage Breed Poultry

All of our poultry is 100% natural, antibiotic-free, with no added preservatives or flavor enhancers and it comes from birds humanely raised in the countryside. Believe it or not, most grocery store chicken is treated with chemicals or "pumped" up by injecting the chicken with water and salt solutions to make it appear juicier and bulkier. The average commercial bird is raised to 7lbs in just 47 days. Does that sound natural?

Murray’s humanely raises signature heritage breed chickens that max out at a natural 3.5 lbs. These birds are healthy and enjoy a leisurely lifestyle producing poultry that is 44% leaner than commodity poultry.

Murray’s never uses growth stimulants, pesticides, hormones or pumping techniques. The birds are fed an all-natural, 100% vegetarian diet without any animal by-products or synthetic additives. It cannot get better than this: family farmed, certified humane, and sustainably raised. Chicken that is raised and tastes the way it’s supposed to!