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All-Natural Beef

Creekstone Farms and Thousand Hills Farms Beef

Have you ever wondered why the quality of beef is so inconsistent when you buy through traditional supply chains? There are over 600 different breeds of cattle, each breed tastes different, and most grocery store beef is from feed lots consisting of blended-breeds. At Heartland, our Creekstone Farms beef is 100% genetically verified Black Angus, which means every product is consistently high quality in terms of health, flavor, and texture. On top of superior genetics and pasture raising, Creekstone also adheres to Dr. Temple Grandin techniques to ensure proper care and harvesting of these precious animals. 

Thousand Hills Farms is Heartland’s “Lifetime Grazed” beef program. These animals are guaranteed by the American Grassfed Association to be raised on live forage for their entire lives and are NEVER fed grains of any kind including dried distiller grains (DDG’s). Don’t be fooled by most “grass-fed” brands that still use grain byproducts to supplement their operations. If integrity is important to you, shop Heartland.  

When you eat our beef products, there is no need to worry because it's 100% natural beef with no antibiotics, no added hormones, and no artificial ingredients. Our beef products never have fillers or additives. Every molecule is high quality beef.

For more details, reach out and one of our wellness consultants will answer any questions you have.