Choosing Home Dining in the Midst of Life's Whirlwind

Save Time, Save Money, Eat better at Home with Heartland Farms

Eating Out VS. Farm to Freezer Lifestyle

Indulging in dining out costs Americans an average of $3,639 per year—that’s around $300 a month! Imagine the possibilities if you could keep that money in your pocket. We get it, cooking at home might seem like a hassle, but not anymore! Picture this: budget-friendly recipes, bonus points if you can use ingredients you already have, deciding when you want to cook, and voila! Our solution is not just about saving money, it’s about reclaiming your time. When the temptation to hit the drive-thru strikes, remind yourself, “We have food at home.” Try our one-week trial to discover a world of affordability, convenience, and unbeatable quality! Your wallet—and taste buds—will thank you.

How it Works

We Plan.

We have worked with thousands of families and helped plan their mealtime options to save them from stress of thinking about “What’s for dinner?” and get them to cooking at home.

We Deliver.

We deliver, to save you time from “What and where to shop?” and provide a better quality of life to spend that time with your family at your dinner table building memories to cherish together.

You Enjoy.

Enjoy the Package-to-Pan ready meal options at your home convenience from our Farm-to Freezer plans that save you time, money, and health for your whole family.

Save Time

From stress of thinking about
"what's for dinner?"

Our program provides wholesome pan-ready food, no matter when the dinner bell tolls! Individually portioned servings are at your disposal for whoever is coming to dinner, to have a meal on the table in 30 minutes or less.
No longer invest half your weekend in complicated meal preparation routines! Break free from the monotony and experience our pre-cut, pre-trimmed (and pre-marinated if you prefer!) options that require no extra prep. Individually portioned with a diverse array of mealtime possibilities right at your fingertips, anytime.

Save Money

In our fast-paced lives, we get the allure of impulse buying. Heartland effectively mitigates these temptations by providing you with the bulk of your grocery shopping already planned and delivered, giving you a range of easy, diverse meal options at your fingertips!

The opportunities to eat out and overspend on impulse purchases won’t be presented as often, so we are able to set you on the path of more conscious spending and eating habits.

In the US, food waste can be as high as 40%. With us, we ensure you never waste food again. Our food is vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen, ready to cook whenever you decide to enjoy it without decay in quality or that looming expiration date.

Eat Right

Heartland Farms ensures a seamless journey toward a healthy lifestyle by providing constant availability to the most wholesome food. Vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen to preserve peak nutrition always guaranteeing your meal is fresher than fresh. We remove the temptation of purchasing unhealthy choices via the grocery store or eating out by ensuring easy meal options (That you love!) that are always within reach. We effortlessly transition you into a healthy lifestyle for your whole family!

Live Better with Heartland Farm Lifestyle


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